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World Cup 2014


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This is a promising start. Holland proved that their brand of football will beat Tiki Taka if the tikitakarists can be scared out of their confidence by the way the Dutch played. Great game. Brazil result worries me because it seemed like the referee was under orders to get the result that would prevent an uprising outside of the stadium.


And Robben, what a player, love watching him despite the fact he played for the Chavs.

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Ermmm in football Holland is not really considered a small country. Admittedly 2012 European Championships was our biggest failure EVER but still.


We have reached 3 world cup finals and won the European Championships in 2014.


And don't forget:



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btw love this headline:


Humillación mundial


Now I really hope we can continue this great way of winning :)


And I hope it will not be the same as in the European championships in 2008.

Basically we beat Italy 3-0; France 4-1 and Rumania 2-0 with our B team in the group stage. Holland looked to be the masters of the tournament!


We then went out, due to poor play against Russia.

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