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World Cup 2014


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Fantastic world cup so far. Nary a boring game. Also, lots of surprises and a shock or two (Suarez). The big suprise of the tournament has to be Costa Rica. I recall one football pundit calling Concacaf the 'baseball federation' haha...

America was in a 'group of death' and did more than expected just to get out of the group. This is the finest Belgian sides I've ever seen in my fairly short time as a football fan (15 years or so...wow its been that long?!!).

The big question..or one of them is can a European side win the world cup in the Americas. Other than S. Africa, I'm not sure if any EUropean side has won outside of Europe. Germany and Netherlands obviously Europe's best hope.

This is also one of the most mediocre Brazilian sides i've ever seen. Neymar is exceptional but Brazil always has at least one exceptional player, even in their lean years. can Argentina win in Brazil? Hostile crowd for them.

So many questions. France was my surprise team before the cup. Chile the other. Its hard to cheer for anyside van Persie is on but I hoped Holland knocked out Mexico. I despise them. If I weren't American I'd probably have a soft spot for them.

The fans have crossed the line when we play there. We have a freindly rivalry with Canada and we wanted one with Mexico but their hatred of America (warranted to some extent) has made their fans say the most vile things when we play there. They would chant bin Laden's name during the national anthem. They would drop N bombs at our Black players and since Obama has been elected they have dropped N bombs about him as well (the Tea Party the only Americans not offended by that..lol).

Anyway, they played very well despite barely making it into the World Cup thanks ironically enough to America beating another side for them to get in.

Spain obviously the big shock. The question is did the initial loss kill them mentally for the remaining games or did they have existing issues that were exposed at this competition?

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Belgium - USA 2 - 1


great game last night, probably the best game so far in this WC !

shame that one side had to loose, but I saw a very good USA team.

Messi is now problably already shaking in his shoes......:)




PS : all 8 groupwinners are through

PS : Howard did 16 saves last night, the most in any WC game since 1966 apparantly, top goalie !

PS : Howard and Lukaku are teammates in Everton

PS : anyone for more stats ?

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Tim Howard: 10 tweets about new US hero



The American World Cup party is over, after a dramatic and gallant defeat to Belgium. But a new US hero was born.


Everton and US goalkeeper Tim Howard needs no introduction to many football fans but his 16 saves on Tuesday, the most since World Cup records began, has suddenly made him a national hero.


American fans (and others) were quick to laud Howard's one-man defensive display.


Here's a selection of tweeted expressions of admiration.





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The Netherlands:

63rd most populated country in the world

134th country in size

One of more than 200 national teams in the Fifa

Since 1974 the Netherlands finished 10 times with the best 4 teams on a tournament (European or World Cup)

Apart from Germany NO other team has that record!

Italy: 9 times

France: 7 times

Spain: 4 times

England only 2 times


So far all of the idiots whom are always joking about the fact that we have not won the world cup ..... yet. Go fuck yourselves :)

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