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Tablet Scheme Canned


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The "One Tablet Per Child" project has been scrapped, with the National Council for Peace and Order damning it as inappropriate and a poor investment.


Permanent secretary for education Suthasri Wongsaman confirmed that a meeting yesterday agreed to cancel the tablet project for the 2014 academic year, as well as an e-auction to buy tablets for Zone 4 from last year (for Mathayom 1 in the North and Northeast).


Meanwhile, the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning will propose three urgent mega-projects that cost some Bt2.4 trillion to the junta after the ousted government's high-speed train project was dropped following the coup, director Chula Sukmanop said yesterday.


Budget allocations for the seven-year projects to be launched in 2015 fiscal year will be reduced from Bt3 trillion originally planned, he said. The projects include building 3 Skytrain routes, extension of a motorway, and dual-track trains. These will be put to the junta on Thursday.




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Can anyone tell me which "advanced" countries give tablet computers to their first graders to study on? Does Thaksin ever think about anything but votes when he comes up with these ideas?


One brilliant comment by a Thai reader that I saw on the Bangkok Post was that he was happy now that the children would be learning computer programing so young. :p

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