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Footbal Season 2014-2015

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Although the WC games haven't even completed the group stages, the new game schedule for the 2014-2015 EPL season is out;


16th August;


Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Burnley v Chelsea

Leicester City v Everton

Liverpool v Southampton

Manchester United v Swansea City

Newcastle United v Manchester City

Queens Park Rangers v Hull City

Stoke City v Aston Villa

West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland

West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur

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You must have a very short memory cos you posted that twice in two minutes!

Teddy already posted this but in the 2013/14 thread.   Good though to start a new thread for the coming season. Hopefully we'll see some transfer activity from The Arse shortly after the WC ends and

Football Bloody Hell   This time yesterday I was being derided by supporters of other clubs since my beloved Manchester United only managed a 0-0 draw away to Cambridge in the FA Cup, the ones maki

Never deny Limbo his new football season thread he has been doing it annually since 2001 :neener:


The fixture computer has been in Manchester United's favour this season, even if i was to hand pick the fixtures personally I very much doubt that I could do better than opening couple of months, Citeh, Liverpool and Everton seem to have a difficult start where as United, Arsenal and Chelsea seems relatively easy by comparison.

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OK you have the honour this season, I was stuck in a friggin' meeting in Tokyo all afternoon and only got to see the fixtures list later.


Fantasy League!


Will Thai360 have one this year or should we join up with other "Thaicentric" Leagues, I have been busy for the past 2-3 years and have had no time for it but well up for a 2014/15 crack at it.

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I've been running the Thai360 League for the last couple of years. Once that's live again, I will let you know the code to enter.

Feel free to join a couple of other leagues, I do!

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This has got to be the most competitive EPL season ever, with up to 5 clubs with a decent chance of winning but it must be said its hard took past either City or Chelsea winning it. Maybe a club could get runner up but can't see getting past both.

The big question is Man Utd. Some would say they'll do well to get CL football and have a serious run at a title in years time. I'd agree with that. If Arsenal get a top striker and a decent DCM, we'll be very tough to beat. Word is Aurier is coming in at RB and he looks the business. Khedira is touted at dcm. Campbell the world cup star will likely play wide left so Walcott and him wide will give us width and tough to deal with either. Aurier rumor has it may be as fast as Walcott, even if he isn't, the right side wlll keep full backs honest.

Liverpool is the other big question. Is it a one off season or are they ongoing top 4 if not legit contenders? Suarez is a source of frustation and they need to buy.

City don't need much improvement. Chelsea have the platform for a very, very good side. Fabregas coming along with Costa and they already have Oscar, Torres and others.

So, 5 clubs vying for 4 CL places. Wow. My guess and its way to early, I thnk it will end up take your pick of Chelsea and City, Arsenal 3rd and Man Utd 4th. Just a guess, its way too early and no one has finished buying.

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The Dutch goalie must have been full of confidence given that his manager thought he was shit at penalties and would have subbed him if he could.


If Van Gaal brings this brilliant man management technique to the toilet we will be in for some interesting times.

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