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Thais Hit Cambodia Casinos To Sidestep Junta Betting Blitz

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POIPET - Desperate for a flutter during a junta crackdown on gambling at home, Thais are making a beeline for casinos in a seedy Cambodian border town -- which has already been deluged by migrants also fleeing the kingdom.


For over a decade Poipet, a scruffy, vice-ridden frontier town studded with casinos and online gambling booths, has lured customers from neighbouring Thailand, where betting is all but banned.


Casino staff in Poipet told AFP the chips have been changing hands at an unusually fast rate since the Thai army seized power across the border on May 22.


A junta blitz on organised crime has seen raids on underground casinos, dozens of arrests and access to a number of online gambling sites blocked.




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Okay, so gov't says gov't lottery is over-priced... and also takes action against Bangkok casinos. It's a law-n-order government!


I wonder who controls the non-government lottery in Thailand? Who benefits from the Cambodia casinos, along with Khmer biz, and SEAsia Chinese godfathers? Maybe those guys will be next on the junta target list, you know, as they set about controlling vice and exploitation. Or if not them, maybe the military guys on the border with Myanmar, to bring yaba under control.


Or maybe not.

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I have never heard a detailed explanation of how yaba is produced in Thailand. What I understand is that it is produced in Myanmar by ethnic militias with links to China for precursor chemicals and arms, and that it is then smuggled into Thailand with the cooperation of the Thai border control authorities, which have a longstanding special relationship with Bangkok providers of guns and authority. Thaksin, one might say, tries to control and limit yaba imports because he cannot control the border forces and his enemies benefit from yaba imports. Likewise, Thaksin understood that the illegal lotteries are a huge cash cow for the government and yellowish forces, and so he tried to absorb them into the government income stream by making them a legal government program. The courts shut this down, sending the illegal lottery back into the hands of the yellow-connected mafias.


For those who have not followed; the junta supports the royalty and the mafias connected with them. These include mafias who run illegal lotteries and make payoff to the yellow supporters, as well as border authorities who manage yaba imports from Myanmar [Removed - KS]. These same mafias run the Cambodia casinos - which is why the junta has closed down Bangkok-based (and therefore, Thaksin- and police- connected mafia) casinos.


Thaksin and his successors are folks who have challenged the dominance of the [Removed - KS] and their army and administrative controlled structure. The Thai people want the Thaksin folks - as demonstrated by every election in recent memory, even those accepted by int'l agencies. A small group of assholes want to keep milking people dry in Thailand; the Thaksin populist types want to ensure that the group of assholes is composed only of those who ASK via ballot to be milked dry by a bunch of punk big shots...


If you are paying attention and you don't understand, I encourage you to enroll in remedial reading and awareness classes...



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Please, please provide me with reason-based denials of the above! For years I have enjoyed Thailand, but after ten-fifteen years of this bullshit, I"m about finished with this nonsense. Help me! Explain what's going on!



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Yaba can be made from legally sold products in the average drug store, thus, like in the USA, some types of

cough medicine that are sold over the counter without a doctors notes are used to make yaba, thus no need to

make it in Myanmar.


The Thai TV News almost daily shows the Thai police with thousands of tablets of yaba....think on this...daily? WTF...

do the math, what happens to all the seized yaba....not a trick question....

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...as for the casinos at the border, I have seen and chatted with the managers/consultants that were

brought in from Las Vegas...the money that financed these casinos was working to make a go of the

casinos, IMO...

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...more on casinos...


In the not so distant past, I had a group of investors together working to buy an older cargo/cruise ship,

refit it and have it parked off the coast on Thailand in international waters, for a casino/hotel/resort

type operation...it was no go as the powers to be on shore would not having any of this! we were to have

a group of launch boats to shuttle customers back and forth from the mainland...but a certain group vied

to control the launches, and another group wanted the "security contract" of our ship....and on and on and on...


In the end, it wasn't profitable for us to proceed as too many bloodsuckers were in the works...

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  • 6 years later...

just as if we all wanted to talk about the casinos that are just across the borders of Thailand.


Major online gambling network busted, housed in cargo containers


Police display the 69 computers and other evidence seized during raids on four converted shipping containers housing online gambling operations in Chanthaburi's Pong Nam Ron district, at a media briefing on Friday. (Photo: Wassayos Ngamkham)

Police have busted a major online gambling operation working from converted shipping containers in a village on the border with Cambodia, and taking bets from tens of thousands of punters each day.

Thirty-four people were arrested on charges of running online gambling websites, with wagers totalling more than one billion baht, during the police raid in Pong Nam Ron district, in Chanthaburi province.

The gambling operations were housed inside four converted shipping containers at Pak Kad border village.

They were raided on Thursday by officers of the Central Investigation Bureau and immigration as part of operation “Chanthaburi online", Pol Lt Gen Torsak Sukwimol, the CIB chief, said on Friday.

They arrested 17 men and 17 women. A total of 69 computers and 101 mobile phones were seized, said Pol Lt Gen Torsak.

The 34 suspects included a 22-year-old Cambodian man. They admitted they were the administrators of four gambling websites  – VR898, Hattrick 988, Hattrck 888 and betway88.

The four websites took bets for underground lotteries in Thailand and neigbhouring countries, and also football bets. There was more than one billion baht in bets in circulation, the CIB chief said.


Pol Lt Gen Torsak Sukwimol, chief of the Central Investigation Bureau, on Friday announces the arrest of 34 people involved in running online gambling websites during raids in Chanthaburi's Pong Nam Ron district. (Photo: Wassayos Ngamkham)

The suspects told police they were each paid 25,000 baht to receive bets from customers. Those who worked as programmers received 8% of the betting money, Pol Lt Gen Torsak said.

Data on the computers showed an average 38,000 people had gambled online each day on  each of the four website.

All 34 web administrators were charged with colluding in operating online gambling. They were held in police custody for legal action. Police were extending the investigation to find those who were really behind the operation.

The CIB chief madeit clear this police action had nothing to do with the arrest of Siapo Po-arnon, a professed gambler who advised a House panel on the possible legalisation of online gambling.

Siapo, real name Apirak  Chat-anon, 29, was arrested at his house on Phetkasem Road in Phasicharoen district of Bangkok on Thursday morning. He allegedly operated an online gambling website.



A police chart shows the converted shipping containers used to house the online gambling operations. (Photo: Wassayos Ngamkham)


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