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Nana Plaza Gogo Bars Name Changes


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Many. I know several that average between 10 to 20 LD a night!!!


...I was told that the LD record in the old Silver Dollar in Washington Square was 52 in 1 night.....and the lady in question was neither young nor pretty


..I guess that just verifies that their ain't too much licker in a LD.....LOL

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Nana Group did own 20 bars in Nana Plaza but they have been selling some bars due to the political and economic situation. Bars do change hands from time to time and it is only natural that name changes occur under new ownership, plus renovations and in some cases a complete remodel of the interior.


Regarding the exact business ownership details, these are kept private for business confidentiality. It's the same as not revealing personal details about all of the members on this forum. Therefore, bar owners have the same rights to privacy as the next person.


Regarding Nana Group Bars the lady drink quota is far less than 120 drinks per month. It's at least 50% less than that. Bar fine and lady drink quotas have always been in place, otherwise every gogo bar would not make money. How on earth are they supposed to pay all those girls they hire???

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So....a "Bar" in Soi 4 wants 4 LD's per day

....and an a Go Go in Nana Plaza wants 2


It's a long time since I bought a LD


Just out of interest, what is the price of a LD in Soi 4 compared with a LD inNana Plaza


Curious minds....and all that


Cheers DS

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