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End Of An Era


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I just read on Sticks site that Randy of Goldfingers is leaving Goldfingers and Patpong after 28 years!


I've got to know Randy well over the years and consider him a good friend and was aware that Goldfingers was, like many other bars in Patpong, struggling financially, so his departure comes as no surprise. Unfortuntely since I have come to Jordan my text messages to him have gone unanswered.


By inference, Sticks article would suggest that Goldfingers will remain, however I would assume that it will change name and format as without Randy it has no chance of surviving in its present form. More likely though it will cease to be a bar altogether.


Apparently his last night is August 14th so disappointed that I can't be there as he should get a great send off.


Of course with Randy/Goldfingers gone my reasons to go to Patpong are diminished substantially. What a change from the 90's when I was never out of the place!

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