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Husband And Wife Mind Games.

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My friend and his Thai wife are having a "bad patch" He spends a lot out time out of the country and she is bored with having to stay home and look after the baby etc


They seem to spend 95% of their time trying to make each other jealous, in a variety of ways, the result being that they spend a lot of time being very angry and distant with each other.


She has been subtly hinting for while, that her and I are having an "affair" (which we are not) she is all over me when he is around, then drops me like a stone when he isn't. We do go to the cinema and shopping together however, when he isn't around. (I can't remember why)


Obviously, this causes tension between my friend and I, but what really pisses me off is that she "secretly" IS screwing other guys behind my friends back, whilst I'm the one doing all the work and getting all the grief.


A wiser man would probably cut his losses, and stop being the patsy in this game, but I've put so much time in with this girl that I really think I deserve (at the very least) a reluctant blow job from her.



I forget my point, sorry.

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