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Husband And Wife Mind Games.


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Man up and tell your mate's wife to stop involving you in her petty games. Problem solved. You're welcome.

..... unless you really do want to shag her, get a bj off her etc... in which case you aren't really his "friend" are you?



I'll have to admit defeat and go for option 1. Another sorry case of a Falang being manipulated by a Thai lovely.


It's been a bad week, first the mother in laws buffalo gets sick, then my wife has to give 10000 baht to her brother for an emergency eye operation, and now this.

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He is joking for sure


This isn't a joke tho:

My friend once loaned $5000 to his mother in law so she could buy a plot of land, next to the family farm, that was being sold at a bargain price. With this land joined to the farm and the money left over being used to modernise the place they managed to increase the value of the estate by something like $20000. They then sold the whole thing for 6 figures (at least, I don't know the exact numbers)


How much of the $5000 loan was returned to my friend?


With the profit they made, surely $7000?



Nope, he got Zero, zilch. Fuck all.


Not a single penny did he ever get back from them.





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