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Two Britons 'dead On Thai Beach'


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It seems you can never judge people by looks if innocent or guilty of anything ....


The Daily Record revealed that Sean McAnna, a musician and busker, was found guilty last year at Hamilton Sheriff Court United Kingdom of possessing indecent images of children, a convicted pedophile




From what I have read a team of the best lawyers availbable are on there way to offer legal repesentation, soon we will know if the allegations of boiling water torture to gain confessions is true.


I like everyone else i'm not sure what is truth or not ...... The problem I have is they look innocent, had they been more of your rough neck type of guys then it might have been easier to accept ....

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Earlier in the day, Mr. Mark Kent, the British ambassador to Thailand, paid a formal visit to Pol. Gen. Somyos Phumphanmuang at the Royal Thai Police headquarters to personally congratulate him on being promoted to the post of commissioner of the Royal Thai Police.

While there, he was given updates in the developments of the murder case and expressed his satisfaction on how the case was being handled and his government would not interfere in any way with the investigation. Mr. Kent went on to praise the Royal Thai Police in solving the case and have shown exemplary professionalism as a crime fighting unit.

The British Ambassador later said “Thailand and the UK have always mutually helped each other in the past and the cooperation has always benefitted both countries. This new development reaffirms our confidence in both our countries abilities.â€

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Wow, just incredible nonsense, the whole thing. Nice picture of the cops seeming to say "you're pointing the wrong way! you point over here now!" ...


Spend 5,000 baht to come work in Thailand for next to nothing, on a small island, and the first thing you do is pop a couple of tourists and anally rape the woman? Doesn't seem right...


Anyway, the investigation is so fucked at this point there's not likely to be any truth revealed, ever. Just further varieties of nonsense.

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Remember Toby Charnaud? His family had to hire a private investigator from the UK to come here and discover what had really happened to him. The cops had been useless.


That's what it will take here, only it will be much harder, since some local poobahs are impicated - not just an ex-BG.

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