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Choice Of Partner


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Had this teacher at my school on soi 12, very attractive and articulate. Baang. A few times we'd shoot the bull after class or go grab some street food outside. She had a boyfriend that always showed up - upper middle class Thai guy working in an insurance business nearby, nice guy from what I could tell. He was definitely smitten with her and would leave her gift baskets at the school and stuff like that.


One day she didn't show up. So class was cancelled. I walked over to Sunrise Tacos to get a margarita and lo and behold - there's teacher and her boyfriend right out front having a heated discussion - she looked to be in a rage, he looked defeated. Hmmmm. What the hell is going on I thought.


By my second margarita she had stormed off somewhere and he left. By my third margarita she came walking by talking on her phone making dramatic gestures and noticed me - she came over. What's up? After telling me she didn't want to talk about it and me saying.. 'ok,' she started to talk about it. Turns out the two had begun to plan marriage but his family shut it down because she had been married before. That was it, the only reason. His family saw her as spoiled goods even though the two got along great and she had a lot to offer. Then she went off on a rant.


I said - well, so what if his family doesn't approve. Who cares. Get together anyway. She said - nope, doesn't work like that here - and she was adamant about not being a mia noi or someone on the side.


So I said, well if you're a young divorced Thai woman, what are your options? She said -- you have options, but will face obstacles because of the divorced status. Then she said one of the most appealing options is to go with a 'good' falang. Hmmmm. Then she proceeded to talk non stop for a couple hours till I finally faked being sick so I could get away, but not before she got my phone #.

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