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What Could Be Worse Than Economy Class? Airline Reportedly Considering "economy Minus"


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Can economy class get any more cramped? Yes, it can.




...Travel site Runway Girl Network is reporting that a major carrier — whom the site does not name — is considering offering an “Economy Minus†class, which would be even worse than regular economy class...


RGN says it spoke to an undisclosed airline at the APEX Expo in Anaheim, California.

Under the airline’s proposed plan, economy class would come in a three-tiered system: “Enhanced Economy,†with a seat pitch (the length between one point on an airline seat to the exact same point on the seat in front of or behind it) of 35-38 inches; “Regular Economy†at 30-31 inches; and the new “Economy Minus,†which would be at a knee-torturing 30 inches and below...





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An excellent idea for children and small people and will save money for some. As big people take up more space is it not fair they pay more for that space, and smaller people pay less.

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