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Taxi Driver Gives Out Free Snacks To Passengers


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While taxi drivers say they need higher fares to take home any profits, one driver is using his tips to supply his passengers with goodies.


Entering this random blue taxi, anyone would be puzzled to find it decorated like a convenience store, with candies and rice crackers hanging on the driver's seat and even packages of fried seaweed available.


"You can take anything in my car for free!" the driver reportedly told Kittiphun Khongsawatkiat, who went on to share the story and image on Facebook. "These items were bought with the change other customers left for me. I want to give back to my passengers."


Traveling with kids? There are toys and modeling clay for play. Got a date, ladies? The driver has perfume, hair gel, and even nail polish. Oh and the TV is on. What do you wanna watch?


The photos of this kind-spirited Bangkok taxi driver spread online last night by a Facebook user who remained impressed by the man's service mindedness.


Sadly, he was not identified.




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Some decades ago....there was a taxi in Chicago that they called the Celebrity Taxi.


Free use of a cell phone


Drinks available


Clean and well kept taxi


Pickups via phone available


This guy had all the business he could handle...then the limos arrived, taking some of his business but he still did OK.

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