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Srt Finally Compensates Train Rape Victim


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A woman who was raped in a train bed compartment by a temporary employee of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) during an overnight trip 13 years ago was yesterday given a cheque for Bt5.2 million in compensation from the SRT. The move follows court-facilitated settlement talks between SRT and the lady, a graduate.


The woman filed a civil lawsuit against rapist Nattapat or Ritthidech Chakkachai - sentenced to nine years in prison for his crime - and the SRT for Bt18 million plus 7.5 per cent interest until full payment is made. After the primary court in 2008 and the Appeals Court ordered both defendants to pay Bt3.2 million in compensation, SRT appealed. Recently, the parties reached an agreement, which was announced by the Supreme Court on September 19.


She said the compensation plus interest should be Bt10 million but she agreed to take Bt5.2 million in hope that the SRT would use the rest to improve its services. She also urged SRT to improve their employee-recruiting system and urged private firms or organisations to prioritise the safety of employees when they travel.




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