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So Who Is Tim "sharky" Ward?


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Over the past few weeks, Tim’s ongoing battle with the Pattaya Thai police has been featured on Thai TV, in local newspapers, on Australian TV and been the subject of wide debate across social media.

The message is strong and clear: He isn’t going away quietly.

Sharky is unrelenting in his quest to get back the money and gold stolen from him in a setup by the Pattaya police. And in this latest video, he embarrasses, and scares, the police by confronting them in front of cameras and demanding his money back.

The police deny any wrongdoing, and say they have no knowledge of any gold of money being stolen.

Many have warned Tim that he is risking his life, but he won’t be deterred. This is just another battle in the Shark’s hard-knock life, a life in which he has never let anyone take him for a fool.



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I doubt he will get anywhere trying to intimidate the BiB in Pattaya.


Timothy John Ward was born in 1965 in Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand, and is better known as Tim Sharky. A lone wolf from the outset, Tim was given up for adoption at birth, and after a misspent youth, he moved to Australia to make a new life for himself in 1990.


Since Tim’s move to Thailand and subsequent presence in online forums and on social networks, his notoriety has grown. Interest in his past continues to gain momentum, and he has attracted a global legion of fans who view him as somewhat iconic; a modern personification of the Alpha male.


However, many feel that Tim’s personal life, which regularly sees him posing with young prostitutes in and around his Pattaya-based apartment, erases any moral admiration one might choose to place on his “gentle giant†approach to animals, children and fans. Tim’s response to his critics is simply that the girls are complicit, the arrangement transactional and that all the girls are over the legal age of consent. In his own words,


His original bust:




This is my story, and I want you all to know how the Thailand mafia police work:

On Saturday the 27th of September, 2014, one of my apartments in Pattaya was broken in to. The building security phoned the police for me.

One single uniformed officer turned up.

He started doing his job, asking questions and taking notes.

Then around 10 minutes later, 7 plain clothes police turned up.

They completely took over my apartment.

They started ransacking my apartment, pulling clothes out of draws and making a complete mess.

Effectively they were destroying all and any evidence of the original break in.

Then, one of the police searching my bedroom mysteriously found 2 used crack pipes.

Here we go, I thought, welcome to Thailand.

Now, not only has my apartment been broken into, I am also under arrest for drug use.


By this time I was going berserk, yelling and demanding to have my blood tested for drugs, demanding to have the crack pipes tested for my fingerprints and demanding to see the search warrant that allowed them to enter my apartment in the first place.

I was really pissed off.

So anyway, I never did see the crack pipes again.

They disappeared as mysteriously as they first appeared. I was never given a blood test to check my blood for drug use. And I never was shown a search warrant that allowed the police to ransack my apartment.

After 2 hours of being held against my will I was free to return home. The end result, well over 1 million Baht of currency and gold gone. Stolen!

This was your classic Thailand mafia police stand over robbery bull****.

Most victims are too afraid to speak out against these scum.


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He's an idiot. Guy has a ridiculous history in Australia posing with overpriced cars and self-promotion as a 'bad ass,' but I guess that didn't last. Stabbed a Canadian teacher (little guy) on the beach in Pattaya and then later bragged how we was able to manipulate the police. Then even later changed the story to him sticking up for the downtrodden somehow.


Anyway, (IMO) a douche who loves to see himself in the media and seeks to cultivate his bad-ass misunderstood hero image. I can see Pattaya police shaking him down, sure it's possible, but I can definitely see him exaggerating everything for his own use (self promotion).


Stopped reading stickman after he practically worshiped the guy (sharky) in print. Sharky seems a cautionary tale in human idiocy, in a fertile place - Pattaya - for that to bloom into spectacle.

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One of the replies from his website puts it well....


You are obviously proud of being a gangster and some self proclaimed mafia type, why would you be so upset when you come up against the same type of people. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander right? Live by the sword etc

You can act the tough guy all you want but remember where you are, you’re not on the Gold Coast now. Sometimes a bit of brains will serve you better than a whole lot of brawn and not giving a fuck. Good luck


Something about lying with dogs and picking up fleas comes to mind. So he has lost some gold and cash, apparently.... And he's sure it was the police and not the original burglar who stole it all. Cop it on the chin and move on - I have never met the guy but (at the risk of sounding presumptuous) I'm tipping he has occasionally "obtained" cash by less than orthodox methods.... what goes around comes around right?


He describes himself as an underground gangster and loan-shark boss as well as the #1 pimp, protecting over 600 girls on the game. professions that are illegal right? I wonder what his work permit lists as his profession...

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I remember him. He was very active posting on a Pattaya board I belonged to for a few months before getting bored with it..


I recall he was on Pattaya Addicts a few years ago posting pictures. The sh!t started hitting the fan when he was balled out by fellow BM's for flouting his bling on the street and for always going bareback so he quit the Pattaya board and moved to FB where he couldn't get any uninvited feedback. No opinion of him either way, but always suspected a train crash waiting to happen.

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