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Bill Cosby A Sexual Predator?


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It's not that he's from near my neighborhood, really, it isn't,...lol....and I accept being accused of supporting a sexual predator but I don' believe the allegations of the women in the past. People look at the number of allegations and assume (understandably) that there has to be some degree of guilt among them. Many are represented by Gloria Allred, famous (or infamous depending on your gender), women's rights and women's abuse lawyer. Cosby was found guilty involving a woman who suspiciously kept contacting him after their encounter. Also, many of the women who have accused him have given dates and places that Cosby wasn't there. 

Living in LA you hear of these Harvey Weinstein types. Cosby has been known for having (consensual) affairs with young actresses. Almost always young black actresses. He was known as a mentor to comics and young actresses. Robin Givens is one such actress he mentored. He never slept with her but the story is that he was so impressed with her acting while she was an undergrad he told her parents he would pay for her college if she doesn't make it. 

 All the women who are accusing him didn't fit his M.O. according to rumors I've always heard. And since his conviction, none of  them have still yet to prove he drugged and raped them. A few of them where they did meet him for whatever, their agents have said they didn't say anything or show any sign of any issues. Not one. I think there was one who has a friend who said he did but...hmm....that's a friend of the alleged victim. 

I think Cosby is a pompous, womanizing man...gifted comedian, but serial drug rapist? Hmm.....I'm not so sure. I'd need much more evidence. It doesn't look good admittedly. 


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Yes I'm with you, I thought that many of his accusers, were attention whores, seeking a payout.

If I think back to my younger days and look at the number of women, who presented themselves to me on a platter, hoping to get part of Coss' future and the then-thriving business, who I forgot to call, the next day, there are enough of those, to give me pause for thought.

If I judge those encounters, with today's rules, I would have never slept with them, I'd have run a mile.

I'm not a believer,  in a woman being able to decide,  some years after the event, that she really didn't give consent, when at the time it was "Harder, Faster, Harder, Faster, ..."

I'm lucky I'm not wealthy and well known, or I'd have my own list of plaintiffs.

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