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Road Works At Nana Plaza - A First Short Report Of Nep


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This is the best thread on this board in a decade,


It's like the trip reports on ASFO years ago


Love it


Thank you so much,


And as for your English, I think your a genius,


<<Sweet baby fat on their bones>>


<<and back to Lady number 15, the sexbomb, the lady with the big fake tits and ass cheeks.

I hobbled with my walking stick in the bar. She immediately sought eye contact with me. I gave her the sign, to sit with me.

She came promptly>>


Just wonderful!


Please don't stop

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Hello Nasiadai,


I can't remember exactly what I said, and can't be bothered at the moment to look it up, but I'd just clarify: I pay money to those who make everything good for me-- if it's not going well and I don't feel good about the girl once in my room, she's out the door - I really don't care much if we fuck or not, I'd rather have no sex than bad sex, and I can make more money more easily than time. I pick well (performance and attitude-wise - years of practice and lessons-learned). Wasting money, no problem; wasting time, cannot forgive. I sleep with no starfishes - if things are starting to seem like they will be a starfish experience, she is out the door (yes, with two or three thousand baht for her troubles) and I am on the phone with a regular that I know will perform, and will be knocking on my door within half an hour (maybe an hour... depending...). Absolutely, money will not ensure or even improve performance - but good performance deserves compensation. What woman/girl that I care for would I want to be getting fucked by customers for minimum wage? None - if I'm gonna do it, I should pay something I find soothes my conscience - and rewards good performance and commitment, and prompt arrival when called!



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Sorry, I am so sorry, guys. I did not post in my thread for several days.

When I am notably absent, when I am not posting there are 3 reasons:


1. I spent the time with my Thai friend and their families

2. I spent the time with my American friends or with some buddies of the German speaking world.

3. I enjoy a girl, her body, her emotions, her commitment, her take care feeling, her girl friend experience and that is much better and more fulfilling then writing texts. I enjoy every second being together with her.




Thanks for the flowers, for your kind words.

I was on the ASFO-list too. When Khun Sanuk founded the Nanaplaza board, I changed from ASFO to the new board. That was about 1995, I think. Long time ago.


YimSiam, all things considered, I agree with your argument. I don’t want to start a discussion about money and prices.


Stay tuned. Stay on the ball. There is more to come.



Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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I have left Bangkok and went to Chumpon, stay on the beach now. Hat Thung Wua Laen; the Tung Wua Laen Beach.


I know this beach for about 19 or 20 years. I know the history and the development of this beach.

If you want to enjoy some lazy, relaxed and laid-back days then this beach is the right place for you.

I stay in a bungalow about one month. 5000 Bath is the rent.

The family owning this bungalow complex was horrified when they saw me.

They knew me as a lean, well-toned man, with a strong body. And now they saw me hobbling with my crotch, my stick.



Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Back to the girls of Nana Plaza. After my first days in Bangkok I stated:


There never have been more beautiful, pretty, charming girls in NEP than ever!


I have to clarify this statement. This sentence is due to my euphoric mood of the first days.


Surprise number 1.


The number of girls working in the bars, decreased massively; the bars downsized staff considerably. In the great, large bars there are significantly less than 50% of ladies in comparison with former years! In some large bars on the second floor there have been working and dancing 70, 80, 90 girls! They were crowded with ladies like sardines in a tin. They had three or even four dance shifts. And the girls were dancing with enthusiasm! Not shuffling like today. I think of the bars of the Hollywood group and bars like Vodoo and Pretty Lady and some others. In my experience and in my opinion in the years around 2000 there have been working 800 or more girls in the plaza. Since 2004, 2005 the number started to decrease; slowly but steadily.


Today between 20 – 24 girls are dispersing in those bars in question. In the plaza there are round about 20 bars with ladies and 3 Kathoeybars (Casanova, Temptations 1 and 2, I think so). It can be assumed that 18 – 26 girls are working in the most bars. Some more girls populate the bars of Rainbow 1 and 2. That means that in the plaza 420 – 460 ladies are working. Maximal 460! Not more!


Now I specify my sentence quoted above. After my experiences of more than 12 days of Nana Plaza I would now say that many of the girls are prettier and nicer than in former years. Yes, I am sure. 100%.

In former years in one bar with – let us say - 30 ladies there were maybe 7 to 10 girls quite lovely. Today 12 to 15. In my humble opinion.


Surprise number 2.


I made a further experience. In former times the girls were much younger than today. Most girls belonged to the age group between 20 and 26. A lady older than 29 was considered to be “oldâ€.

Nowadays the greatest age group is 25 to 30! And there are many many ladies who are older than 30!

That is a surprise, isn’t it?


The actually interesting questions are now:

Why did the number of girls decreased so dramatically in the last years?

Why do work so many “older†ladies in the bars nowadays?


I give two possible answers:


1. Since round about 1985 Thailand has falling birth rates, for almost 30 years now. That means that the younger vintage is smaller than that of the previous year. The supply of girls decreases year by year.

2. The positive economical development of Thailand. That means more and better paid jobs even for girls from the Isaan and the north. They no longer flock into the bars, they have normal job opportunities.


I stop here.

ok. Enough for one go.

Stay tuned. Stay on the ball. There is more to come.



Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Today I want to tell some oddities. Sorry, I am a little bit drunk, Singha ...


1. The keyword is: older ladies in NEP.

I met a lady I barfined !!1994!! She was dancing in Farlang Connection, today Angel Witch. At that time she was 26 years old and a very pretty lady with nice tits.

We spent some exciting days in Bangkok. One year later I met her again and so on …

Today she dances in one of the bars at NEP and she is 46 years old now. She recognized me and greated me with a smiling face and intensive hugs.

Oh my goodness. She still has customers, she is still barfined. I cannot believe it.


In London Calling there is a very nice looking lady. Long legs, slim body, pretty tits, friendly, charming. She is 39 years old. A lady I can recommend to barfine, believe me. Number 43. Is it allowed, khun Sanuk?



2. Bar Billboard – the old Carousel, I think. on the second floor, left side.


In former times this bar was packed with ladies. They danced in 2 rows on the large carousel! 16 to 20 girls in one dance shift.

The carousel has 10 rods. Today there are dancing 6 girls only. 4 rods remain free.

I can say only: The times they are a changing …..


I stop now. Too much Singha beer in one of the bars on the beach.

Have fun.



Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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