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Simple Cure For Ebola Monster Virus

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Like my friend Ross used to say; if you want to get sick, go to the doctor, if you want to die, go in to the hospital...YMMV


Let common sense prevail.


First doctor my father went to wanted to remove his prostate due to cancer.

My sister took him to doctor #2 and said, "...if this is your father, would you operate?". Doctor answered, no, I would

try radiation.


Twenty years later, my father still has his prostate.


Doctors *** practice *** medicine. I tell them when they have it perfected, call me. In the meantime, practice on someone else!

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Not saying its a cure but herbalogists and other natural remedy people suggest an all plant diet for pretty much anything plus the herb and/or spice that helps regulate the organ that is affected.

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