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Buying A Condo


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Every condo should be required to have enough parking for the residents!


My last condo, residents had 2, 3 and 4 cars...WTF!!!


They finally issued key cards, one per condo, to open the gate to allow access to the parking. Of course, once one car

was parked the same condo resident would park their other 2 ~ 4 cars completely fucking up parking!!!


Do like Japan, you cannot buy a car unless you FIRST prove you have a parking place!!!

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Get on the management committee as you will be fighting tooth and nail for the first few years to try and get the sinking fund finances back under control. Likely is that long term, way over the odds contracts have been given to stooges of the developer for tv, satellite, security, all electrics etc. and cash will go missing. Of course, the unsold lots and those given away during construction in lieu of fees will never pay their subs so yours will rise accordingly. Only when in final control of the management company will you be able to sue to get the condos sold to meet missing fees (essentially cancelling their leasehold) and then they will pay up.


Shit loads more to add if you want. I do quite some deals in Pattaya but not Bangkok so far.

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