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Gorgeous Girl In Spankys Bar Nana Plaza


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Sorry, I am so sorry. I was sick for 2 days. I had a high fever and severe cough. It was terrible.

I was lying in bed. Taking my pills and drinking my tea.

That is this miserable air conditioning.


I hate those nasty aircon.


Now I am recovering slowly. I'm going to need one day convalescence.

I'm still too weak to post now.

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Sorry, I am so sorry. I was sick for 2 days.

I'm still too weak to post now.


No excuse . Hundreds of boardmembers have already been at Spanky´s to verify the architecture of mademoiselle 25 . Your opening post did clearly confirm again that the German gentlemen are the true inventors of romance and passion . Which is why I surfaced at Beergarden 3 weeks ago . A hidden gem by the way is Nasirai (?) massage at the very end of soi 4 , room No 2 I recommend if available .

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Some annotations about the music in the bars.


Yesterday I was barhopping in Nana Plaza. I visited Spanky. Here is what I experienced:


In many bars there is played “computer music†produced and played by a machine, boom, boom, boom. Horrible!

It is played in a volume, in a loudness which is health-damaging.

The eardrums fly off the ears and the ears begin to ache.

The listening level is between 120-130 decibels!

This corresponds to a pneumatic hammer at one meter or a jet plane turning on the afterburners.


1. The biggest part of the international audience is likely to be not happy listening this music.

2. I can not imagine that the girls like this kind of music. Never!

It's actually happened a few times that I left a bar at once because of the loud and piercing noises, downright disgusting and obnoxious. I was not able to tolerate that bobbery, noise, bluster, roaring.


The boss, the management of a bar has a duty of care for the girls dancing and working in those bars.

In many cases against this dutie of care is contravened grossly negligent.

The bosses that allow such a thing, belong in front front of the prosecutor.

This is not meant to be funny, but this is my deadly severity.



Why is not played pop music that everyone likes? Real music made with hand and heart and feeling much emotions?

And why not sometimes some Thai songs for the girls?

They rejoice, scream, joining in singing and the spark of joy jump over to the audience.

And all this in a tolerable listening level.



live from Bangkok

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Put on the Issan music and watch the girls start dancing - not shuffling, but really moving to music that they like. Some of the music you do hear in the bars is enough to make you leave and go somewhere else. I don't know anyone who likes that techno crap. :(


Ermmmm you know me ..... so you know at least one person :p


I will not go into what Nasiadai said about the music as it is an opinion by someone whom doesnt know how the music is made. Obviously while living in German he missed out on all the huge parades and parties with 100's of thousands till millions in attendance whom all grew up with this music since the early 90ties and obviously DO enjoy it.



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