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You are still a victim of someone's propaganda. "Palestinians" are a political fiction. There is no such thing as a Palestinian language, a Palestinian cuisine, a Palestinian culture, or even Palestinian history, prior to maybe the early 1900's.


Here's probably the best map of the area in existence, from the 1700's: http://www.loc.gov/r...g7500.ct000387/


What you see are "national" or political areas, from left to right: Galilee (yellow border), Sumara (red border), Judea (brown border) , and then something called Idumaea Su (or something like that - red border). The geographical region is called Palestine - but that is not a political entity - any more that "the Outback" or "the Appalachians" or "the Amazon basin" are political entities.


Around 1820, freed American slaves, assisted by something called the American Colonization Society, carved out a chunk of West Africa and called it Liberia - which grew into the nation of Liberia. Someone (some tribe?) must have occupied that land prior to 1820 - but no one agitates against Liberia.


So - after World War II, surviving European Jews flee to Judea, and set up a nation. There were already Jews in JUDEA - who spoke Hebrew, and also some Arabs, who spoke Arabic. Question: where did the Hebrew and the Arabic languages originate? ARABIC originated on the Arabian peninsula - and that's where Arabic speaking people's ancestors came from. Hebrew originated from Canaan - which is basically the culture which existed in the geographical region called Palestine. The Hebrew language flourished first in the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, in the Levant, from the 9th to the 6th centuries BC, before being consumed by the Persian conquest of Cyrus the Great in the 6th Century BC.


There was no Arab who called himself a Palestinian until about the 1960's. It is all a political fiction.


All genuine long-lived political cultures can trace back to some King or ruler from before 1900. Please try to find me the name of a Palestinian king, pope, ruler, general, or anything else from before 1960. There is none - because Palestine didn't exist.


The first four Kings of the Israeli Kingdom were Saul, and then David, then Solomon, and then Rehoboam. You may have heard of a couple of these - they ruled from 1050 to 930 BC.


Or prove me wrong - teach me.





This is the way the discussion on the Middle East should be! With some basis in fact and less emotion.

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