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Hilarious Online Reviews Of Nana Hotel...

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#1 Fiery Jack

Fiery Jack

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Posted 16 January 2015 - 06:02

... Clearly posted by hapless folks who'd booked the joint blissfully unaware that it's a glorified (and not all that glorified) knocking shop. There are some corkers. Trip Advisor's the best. These are from there:

Poor old Sebastian got a shock...


...on booking in they inferred my girlfriend was a prostitute by only offering one complimentary breakfast which was buffet style and everything from eggs to tomatoes were cold. On entering the bar,before I could even get a drink an old woman with more make up than coco the clown flicked her tongue at me like some crazed monitor lizard and pointed to her sagging breasts which were literally spilling from her dress ... on asking about tours I was amazed that the woman didn't even get up from eating and when I asked a second question raised her voive saying that she didn't go to the place I was asking rude and way past her sell by date

Here comes Terka from Prague...


one of the worst experiences in Thailand... the noise from outside was horrible. And the hotel is full of old men from europe with young thai girls.

But, wait a minute, Karen from Gillingham, UK, has got the right idea! :up:


for those seeking fun red light district activities, without sleep and are not worrying about where they spend the night then this is where its at!!
:applause:                    (Oh, she's being ironic? :shhh: )

A "girl from Finland" :hubbahubba:  didn't get the holiday she bargained for...


Filled with prostitutes and drunken tourist ...  two horrible nights and I`m never going back to this place

Mr Peter Winn from Seamer gives the Nana a one star rating:


when I arrived was met by 5 hard faced old women in their seventies obviously ex prostitues no smiles just interested in cash and whatever they can get off you the room was supposed to be executive room as I paid more than the basic the smell knocked me sick

But Colin E. from Aberdeen gives a glowing recommendation. When can I go? Taxi!


Outside the hotel is full of vendors selling fake Viagra and dubious sex toys which are illegal in Thailand but overlooked if the local cops have been bribed to turn a blind eye. At night outside the hotel is full of aging prostituites looking for business from the drunken sex tourists...

Guarisharma from New Dheli had a brief but memorable stay:


in the evening full of sex workers and drunk traveller even you will find staff on duty drunk in day time- huge parking is a sex workers lot... staff- DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING OUT OF THEM- drunk on duty- front desk staff was horrible- cant forget the two witches on the desk so rude it still makes me angry ... and breakfast sent me to doctor

H. Shah, from Chichester UK, even made friends with the gentleman in the room next to hers. :hug:


This hotel is sex heaven for sex tourist.I would not ever stay there again... Good luck to 65 years old from England with 17 years old Thailand girls going to next door to my room. I left the next day. Sick hotel...

I just booked a room there. :clown: Can't wait. :chili:

jack :help:
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#2 YimSiam



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Posted 16 January 2015 - 09:31

I am a little saddened to hear the service is rated so poorly, in stark contrast to the many positives noted!  Maybe the desk clerks only really perk up and provide service to the hotel's true target clientele - the old men with their girls - and try to scare off the straights with the cold shoulder approach?  Anyway, it remains an institution - not one I would stay in these days, but I do sometimes use the rest room in the dining area when I'm outside on the sidewalk at 5 am...

Long may Nana Hotel remain standing!


#3 StoneSoup



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Posted 16 January 2015 - 10:45

Hey Jack -

You must have overlooked this one:

LvCornwallis wrote:

“Redlight Hotel”
Posted Image  Reviewed July 12, 2014

First of all, every square inch of this hotel is most likely covered in sperm dating back to the 1970's. The hotel is filthy, but I guess it does not matter because I was up to filthy activities anyway. Great location for picking up third world hookers, I even saw a ladyboy knife fight in front of the hotel.
Stone Soup

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#4 Flashermac



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Posted 16 January 2015 - 10:46

I have a friend who spends the winter months living in the Nana every year. He's been doing it probably ever since he retired from the Army a few decades ago. What do they mean "old men"?

p.s. He used to be on this board long ago, say the pre-Delta days.  :surprised:
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#5 bust


    Beach Inspector

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Posted 16 January 2015 - 10:50

califdan does make a very good point in his review..... :hmmm:
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#6 Mekong


    City Slicker

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Posted 16 January 2015 - 23:08

View PostYimSiam, on 16 January 2015 - 09:31, said:

Anyway, it remains an institution - not one I would stay in these days, but I do sometimes use the rest room in the dining area when I'm outside on the sidewalk at 5 am...


I doff my cap to you sir, nothing but due respect to someone who can have a piss in Nana Hotel Hong Naam whilst stood outside on the sidewalk, have you ever thought of posting a VDO of this feat on Youtube?
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#7 YimSiam



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Posted 17 January 2015 - 10:12

I just close my eyes, listen for the girls fake-moaning in the Nana rooms, aim in that general direction, and let loose - I can't really say what the outcome is in terms of hitting the target near the dining room, but it just feels right...

#8 unit731



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Posted 23 November 2015 - 01:32

"I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here! “…
Your winnings, sir.”
“Oh, thank you very much!”

Adult men in this hotel?
Across the street from one of Bangkok's nightlife areas?

Good Lord !

I have seen European families with small children stay at the Nana Hotel.  They seemed oblivious to the night life.
And appeared to enjoy Bangkok.

And as I have stated multiple times here.
Friday night meeting with board members. One prominent on this board.
He stated multiple times that the Nana Hotel was not the better place to stay in Bangkok.
Next morning at the included buffet breakfast . . . there he is slithering in through the side door . . . coming for breakfast . . . wait for it . . . at the Nana Hotel.
"I lived to tell the story, but did not tell the story to live".

Diego Garcia

#9 My Penis is hungry

My Penis is hungry


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Posted 23 November 2015 - 01:43

I'm always amazed some mad family is sitting there, the teenage boys eyes falling out, the mother staring at her fruit, dad pretending it's the marriot
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#10 Flashermac



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Posted 23 November 2015 - 03:52

The Nana was an R&R hotel in the VN War days. FFS, do they expect it to be the Oriental?   :hubbahubba:
A happy childhood... is the worst possible preparation for life. - Kinky Friedman

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