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Hilarious Online Reviews Of Nana Hotel...

Fiery Jack

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There is a well-known brand of love hotels in the Philippines that specializes in a bit crazy decoration

Not my fault if the reviewer is Belgian.



Review below



A love hotel


Review of Victoria Court Las Pinas

Reviewed 26 November 2011 the Victoria Court hotels are not tourist hotels; it are love hotels, you can book them for a few hours and when you arrive by your own car you can drive into a garage that has a staircase to your room.

We didn't know and stayed there for only one night. Eventually our room had no lock. We had to insist to install a lock on our door. The rooms do have only a very small window, that's is only ment to refresh the room.

The hotel has no reception, no lobby, no restaurant. There is a menu foor food, but there also is a menu for sextoys. The hotel is just build for SEX, if you have an affair or... Not for normal tourist.





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Mid 1960s probably. The Nana was built largely for the R&R trade during the VN War.


Artistic license, I presume. What appears to be Sukhumwit should actually be the Nana Hotel car park.


The Grace Hotel dates to the same period, back before it became Little Arabia. I remember when the Grace was a nice hotel, and the coffee shop was a pickup places for freelancers (1970s).




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