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Stickman Leaving Thailand Soon

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Credit to Stickman for keeping it going this long!   Credit to KS for keeping NanaPlaza-Thai360 going for this long!   I know I couldn't do it and doubt most of us could...

In the past I've been critical of the site (stickman) -- elements I didn't like about it. Many of those things would be general criticisms I would level against the expat community of Thailand.  

Alternatively maybe it is the board membership is just getting older, and god forbid it actually growing up.   Fuckbook and Twatter is full of pretentious pricks, self advertising with "Selfies" and

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Somewhere, I would imagine, there is a similar board whose members are the freelance scavenger girls of lower Sukhumvit and the late night venues, and MY various departures are foreseen, debated, and ultimately lamented...a question of livelihood for that desolate cadre of aging ladies-of-the-night...

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His last weekly blog makes no mention of his departure.


On 29-March (last weeks blog) he wrote:


With just a couple of weeks left in the country things have become hectic and it looks like the final column will now be April 12th.

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Although reading the last words of today`s edition , there seem to be signs of hope .


He was supposed to leave three years ago only for him to change his mind and say two more years. Then last year he said one more year. Wouldn't surpirse me if he changed his mind again.

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