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Stickman Leaving Thailand Soon


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Going back "home", for me, I see:


1. everything is clean.


2. no funny business with the police.


3. you can find and buy things, not available in Thailand


4. prices are not so bad, as Thailand's prices have increased sooooo much.


5. you can find some great ladies.


6. no worries that your beverage will be spiked and you will be robbed.


etc, etc, etc

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His latest column almost seems to be trying to convince himself that he made the right decision. I'd guess that his work was the main reason. Doing a website every week for all those years is almost masochistic. For those who think writing is easy, guess again.


Stick should consider doing a site about all of SE Asia ... and not just nightlife. He'd probably need someone in each country to help with that though, and depending on others to do what they are supposed to often ends up badly.

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