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90 Day Reports Via Internet Starting About Now...?


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Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news...




So far not a single person has been able to do more than get the confirmation that their application was accepted for processing..

It's a three step dealy.


Apply, get the application accepted, go back check the status where it'll say processing, and then lasty get the final confirmation that you've actually done a 90 day report online..


I've followed this since immigrations piloted it and I've yet to find anyone who's got thru.. Then again, since it only really came online officially on April 1st, and it can take up to 7 days, lets see if it works.


I hope it does start to work and at least when I talked to Immigrations in Bangkok which run all the offices country wide they said it is supposed to be used by everyone and that all immigrations offices have to accept that fact.


That's great news because some of those little fiefdom immigrations offices up country charge a "handling fee" to process a 90 day report which is FREE to do.. Another one because of their penchant for requesting funds when people mailed in the report stopped accepting 90 day reports by mail and makes everyone trudge to their office...


Let's see what happens..

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Okay, despite my reservations about the program and the process. :wink:


it appears that people have been able to use it, get a confirmation of their application being accepted AND getting the confirmation of their 90 day report being processed! :)


It also works in Chrome or Firefox with a plug in that emulates I/E.. :ohmy:


Just an FYI; I have a list of "problematic" Immigrations offices around the country which seem to delight in making foreigners jump thru hoop after hoop to get stuff done, I called them today and EVERY ONE of them said, "CAN!!" when I asked about using the 90 day online program..


The main problem with people getting error messages to contact their local Immigrations office seems to be the data Immigrations has on a person isn't what the person typed into the fields on the screens..


Currently there is NO way for you to enter your information and then check what Immigrations has as far as your address etc..


Still, it does work and there are reports trickling in from thai related forums on the inter-web that people are successful..


Good Luck, it's a small step in the right direction.. :p


IF you get it to work post here so we can follow the success (and/or failures) of the process!!

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The Glorious People's Republic has no facility for residence, or anything like it. They have someone with status, looking at the possibility, but no progress in the last 5 years and none expected. :)


MLG got residence in Middle Earth after 2 months and just over $1k.

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Amazing, what humiliations you are going through.


My family, wife and daughter, Thai nationals and myself (Australian passport) got permanent residency in Japan without anything other than submitting tax pay,


Here was stupid little me under the impression that in order to apply for Japanese PR one had to have been in the country for 10 years under the rules of TRC (Temporary Residence Card) also under the PR rules do's one not have to report to municipality office if change address?


OK maybe you achieved after 4 years 6 months after being registered as a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional


What happens to your PR once you leave your employer, is it still valid? Again I was under the impression that ones employer was also sponsor / guarantee, life is not as easy as on profess.

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