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Chilean Cyclist's Record Quest Ends In Death In Thailand


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Make me so sad inside....


The Thai roads, drivers and traffic are insane,.


Which is worse LOS or Indo???


In Indo the locals sit in/on the very close edge of the street and smoke,chat play cards

They text one handed while driving a motocy :shakehead :shakehead :shakehead


I was at the Hospital for my annual check up and met two Farang girls that were just recovering

from being pushed off the side of the road by a massive truck up country while driving motocy. :dunno:

on and on and on...

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jita, I say Thai is much worse than Indo partly due to culture (e.g. in indo everyone honk the horn but still give quite good right of way kinda traffic flow) but also vehicle mix with much more motobikes & slow vehicles compared to all those lethal 3.0L V6 Turbo pickups in LOS!

for sure its both logical & sane that the biggest vehicle have the right of way so I'm always amazed about the courage the motos have when challenging all the heavy 4 wheel++

for me the only vehicles I respect is trucks & buses. certainly not police lol

speed & lights also give some thrust ;)

education on tv? learning to drive and right of way is to be learnt when getting a license. sadly not here though.

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Must be going back 15 odd years ago now when I tagged along with a buddy of mine when his wife was taking her driving test in Sri Racha. The manouvering vehicle between cones she nailed 100%. ... Managed to hit / flatten everyone of them.


It came as no surprise 5 minutes and 500 THB later she gleefully joins us waving her Pass Certificate in front of her as if it was the winning lottery ticket, which in some respects I suppose it was, my mate couldn't contain himself and said "You can't drive I just saw you pay off the examiner!" To which she replied in all innocence "no, no, I no pay blibe only pay for cones I damage"


She never got to drive his car home.

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MLG did most of her driver training in the back streets and alleys of Vientiane. With me as the 'instructor', in a Nissan Navara ute, she cheerfully lurched and slid through the mud and potholes, narrowly avoiding chickens and children, escaping collisions by way of me hauling on the hand brake every ten minutes or so. She eventually got her license through a state learner driving programme.


Ever since, she won't drive, she is too frightened, but to have the license, now there's the thing!

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I suppose it's a basic hazard of the profession he chose... Ride 250,000 k? Do anything 250,000 times and you're bound to start testing the odds for avoiding worst-case-scenario accidents. One thing, though - this guy had a good run of it, and made what must have been an adventure out of the life most fritter away on a nine-to-five.

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