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Invitation Letter For Family Visit To Uk


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I'm preparing a UK visa submission for my wife to visit UK. The guidance notes indicate that a letter of invitation from a family member is a significant document. In preparing a letter for my mother to sign I'm unsure if I have covered all the necessary points. I have indicated that my mother is a UK national resident at a stated UK address, that her daughter in law will be accompanied by her 2 UK national children and her UK national non resident husband. That all expenses relating to her stay will be born by our immediate family and that at no time would she be a burden on the public purse. Further that she will return to Thailand at the end of our 2 week holiday.


Is there anything I'm missing or that should also be included in such a letter?


Other than bank statements house papers and marriage certificate I can't think of anything else to include.


Any ideas for other things to mention or add?



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She is a non working mother to two school age children. Her reason to return is that her kids need to go back to school, oh and she hates England, will not live anywhere else but Thailand.


Of course they completely ignore the fact that she has been to UK on 4 previous occasions never for more than 2 weeks at a time.

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