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Meeting At Lumpini Police Station Tonight


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The Lumpini Police called bar and restaurant owners from across the district to a meeting at the station tonight so the current rules and enforcement of closing times couple be explained,


Venues without an entertainment licence (some bars in Nana Plaza have one, some don't), cannot sell alcohol after midnight.


The cops stated that they expect that midnight / 1 AM closing is expected to last a long time and said there would be severe punishment - arrest of manager and members of staff and hefty fines - for any bars which failed to comply. Venues which have an entertainment licence can sell until 1:00 AM - but not a minute later.


All other bars in the Lumpini Police district must close at midnight. This will kill the late-night venues which had only resumed opening late about a month or so back after a long period in which they could not open after 2 AM.


It also means street carts selling booze on the sidewalk won't be able to operate.


I won't say that this meeting was unprecedented but I have not heard of a meeting like this taking place at the Lumpini Police station in quite some time. While the rules might seem harsh, the cops took the time to explain everything to bar operators so they know what to expect.

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thank you for posting this sir stickman esquire. you should reconsider your move -- don't get me wrong, i'm all about reinventing yourself, but what you've done in thailand is impressive. leave your options open.


regardless thank you.

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