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German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom

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On 10/7/2019 at 10:56 PM, buffalo_bill said:


this morning sitting on the terrace of my  Hotel I noted staff from various Soi-hotels assembling on the road obviously heading for a thorough cleanup. A photographer appeared while they were sweeping the environment like silly, but the moment the guy packed his camera all participants immediately disappeared and the only one left was a guy with a hose which kept on spraying water. I had to interrupt my breakfast due to lack of control over my nervous system. It is this and many other events of similar quality which make me come back again and again. Friday I climbed on a Tuktuk and the pilot showed me his wife somewhere in Isaan on Line relaxing in a hammock. I had the honour to talk to her and madame confirmed I am more hansum than husband. These are great moments.


The morning time is the best isn't it?  Breakfasting on yum nua, koong ฟ้อน and shrimp congee, I feel like a colonial basking in the sun watching the heathen twist and turn.  Oh well, this hapless situation will turn ultimately into the rest of your day as you watch the unfortunate folk scurry around attempting to make a living.  It's so tempting to get them to line up, yes align and batter some order into them.  But thankfully we don't need to worry, because it's already in motion.  It's high time I put out a new post for 2020 and beyond to tell you what you should be thinking and when, because I've been carefully watching a donkey that is staring in to a news pipe and is unbelievably confounded. 

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