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German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom


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in preparation my forthcoming next quality trip to the kingdom I am now desperately trying to rebuild my previous infrastructure. It appears to have been a big mistake not to have stored the phone numbers of various members of the BuBi-approved  service providers. But who would have thought 2 years ago what was written on the wall a few weeks later.

Anyway, my favorite restaurant Via Vai previously located Soi 8 moved to On Nut Soi 17 they say. Utter bullshit as it looks because Soi 17 is elsewhere. I find a road On Nut but that is Soi 77.  Does the Soi-system start from No. 1 again somewhere? What would you estimate is the traveltime from Nana to On Nut by BTS?

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