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German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom


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in preparation my forthcoming next quality trip to the kingdom I am now desperately trying to rebuild my previous infrastructure. It appears to have been a big mistake not to have stored the phone numbers of various members of the BuBi-approved  service providers. But who would have thought 2 years ago what was written on the wall a few weeks later.

Anyway, my favorite restaurant Via Vai previously located Soi 8 moved to On Nut Soi 17 they say. Utter bullshit as it looks because Soi 17 is elsewhere. I find a road On Nut but that is Soi 77.  Does the Soi-system start from No. 1 again somewhere? What would you estimate is the traveltime from Nana to On Nut by BTS?

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Gentlemen, I am in tears. Heart again broken.

As per today January the 22.nd about 14:07 CET the extremely lovely Pam told me over the phone that she met man from America willing to marry her. ´Bout 30 years older but they truely love each other. 44 against 74 to be precise. I sincerely hope man from America is in good health because Madame if in good mood requires quite, well, you know what I mean. I wish them well, honestly. After thorough analysis the degree of sadness against relief stands at 5 to 95** as I am realising right now. We shall continue to do some occasional business ( strictly commercial ) and I am preliminarily glad to have no erotic commitments once in BKK next time. I already missed the peaceful moments reading the daily paper  in bed in the morning.

I shall keep you posted. The lonely nights won´t last for ever I fear.

** Say 15 to 85

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Your good hearted comments on the matter demonstrate that you really are a “Quality German Tourist” 

The American guy may be with her now, but he cannot take away what you had with Pam in the past, the memories will always be there.

As one door closes another one opens, so to speak, when this Covid crap is finally over you can begin the hunt for another companion.

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