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German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom


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11 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:


it sounds like no kiang . What could that be?

The first word is most likely “Nok” the Thai word for “Bird” Some Thai Bird names are “Nok xxxxx” Bird xxxxx such as Nok Phirab Pigeon, Nok Kracark Sparrow, Nok Kracip Wren etc

As for yours, no idea, it is not Pigeon, Sparrow, Crow, Rook, Starling or Wren etc

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I often hear this bird when I have breakfast deep in Soi 8 or by the river. It makes a noise similar a cuckoo. Reason for my research is that on another forum I wish to explain the crowd that I dislike having a super breakfast on the 16th floor of a fancy hotel and prefer sitting at the road somewhere and whenever I hear this bird I feel happy. It triggers something unknown deep inside the Bubi-soul. Last week I had an enormous tecnical breakthrough by finally being able to operate whatsapp and since then plague everybody I know with lots of electrifying news and photos. I shall now approach the lovely Pam to send me a picture of the mysterious bird. I keep you posted. 

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9 hours ago, khunsanuk said:


It's called "Nok iang" in Thai. Quick search shows that it is a 'common myna' in English.




further research makes me think this is not the bird I am after. The one you mention is a black animal that can speak after proper training. Which makes me tell the following story:

Once upon a time they had two of these birds on the holy ground of the Oriental Hotel living in a cage of generous dimension. They spoke the words Happy birthday or Good morning to anybody passing by. A man from England who used to spend the whole European winter at the hotel  invested an hour each day to widen the language ability of the birds by teaching them Fuck off you arsehole. It took some time and plenty of food til they got the message. Soon they moved them away but due to strong protest of many guests they had to bring them back, a compromise was found by creating a discreet but easily accessible position close to the Author´s Lounge. May they rest in piece, they should long be dead. My bird is a different one.

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1 hour ago, buffalo_bill said:

FOUND IT  !!!!

After consulting the lovely Pam again she recommended I should bloody leave her in peace with my bird and switch on Google Thai bird voices which I did and there he comes The Common Asian Koel  !!

But Koel in Thai is นกโกเอล pronounced Nok Koel, unsurprisingly.

I was going to say Koel but Nok Koel is nothing like your No Kiang 

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