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German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom


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My mate of long a go was living in S Africa and had an African Grey as a pet.

Brilliant mimics, some would say they know what they're doing, as they can make the right sound , or words to suit an occasion.

He had to get rid of it, it could do telephone ringing, calling kids for dinner, calling dog, telling off dog by wife, etc, etc.

Had to go.

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an overwhelming amount of duties on the commercial side did so far prevent me from issuing a meaningful report about my findings during a recent visit in the kingdom. 5 days, BKK only.

To my endless surprise, all Thais decided to wear masks in public which is completely useless but the government seems to insist. On the other hand a lot of falangs did not follow the rules, probably under the impression that masks are part of a diabolic extraterrestrial conspiracy  funded by Gates and Soros. I consider this behaviour as completely unrespectful towards the locals but here we go.

There are no Asia Book shops left except somewhere up Sukhumvit in a mall, the one in the Landmark building disappeared years ago, the small one close to Terminal one 2 or 3 years ago and when I finally arrived at the Emporium even this one was gone. I liked to buy books in those little shops, heart now broken.

Soi 8 my beloved Via Vai restaurant moved to On Nut where I finally found it after a lifethreatening ride on motorcycle taxi, but nothing to do with the previous one. What I did find after strolling through the greater On Nut area was one of these huge Thai only restaurants where you get a lot of tables under a big roof and all sides are open. I love these places although a local translator is necessary to avoid sudden death from being overspiced.

Soi 11 is partially an absolute mess. Where they have broken down all the houses 3 years ago is now a string of lousy bars employing overaged ex hookers and trying to attract people by unbearably loud music, pure horror. I note many men sitting there staring into their Singha for hours and not speaking one word to anybody, for what do these people come to Thailand? If I would be the wise Prime Minister I would give access to the kingdom only under a certain BMI ( Body Mass Index ) anyway and free from tattoos. I note muscly dudes walking down Sukh as if they were at the beach, a disgrace. Unfortunately this kind of people is also back after the virus.

When I decided to undertake an investigative trip deep into the local nightlife I went into Soi 4 only to turn backwards after 50 meters, not my world any more. As it has never been to be honest. Glad to see the ladyboys opposite the Landmark are still alive as the working girls under the crossover near Soi 8. Neither of them attract me erotically but they belong to the ambience. Culturally, I mean.

Most important on my list is a safe place where I can smoke a cigar after dinner and have a drink in peace. Point is that cigar smoke in hot temperature is absolutely unpleasant for bystanders and I may therefore officially annouce ethat my current safe haven is a vegan restaurant in Soi 11. There has been nothing on earth that ever attracted my visiting av vegan establishment but this one offers comfortable lounge chairs outside , cigar smoke disappears into the Soi and I have to say that the food is truely brilliant. I don´t know how they do vegan " Meatballs" but I do not care anyway. They offer alcohol-free beer only which is of course a desaster but when I complained the guy explained I should go see the next 7/11 down the road and buy there what I want. Excellent approach, he later even found  an ashtray somewhere. I went there every night, the Thai waiter is from Egypt.

Finally, I wish to elaborate on women. If Buddha is with you it might happen that your path crosses that of a female citizen with similar vibration on various fields of interest. And so it came that with my latest flame of in the meantime 7 years duration our arrangements on the common mattress always led into a pure and pleasant inferno. One does not become younger and after a week in the kingdom I theoretically felt close to another week in intense care at Bumrungrad (sp?). Which was great. Aforementioned flame is now about to change her marital status in favor of a guy from France whom I wrongly identified as American but the flame and myself  are constructively working on a layout for the future so that nobody falls into an emotional vacuum. I think this is very elegant as I have said it. I am asking for your mental support.

Conclusion: Within a couple of months all of BKK will be back to normal, some establishments shall remain broken for ever, others arise from the ashes. Destruction creates new life. I thank the Lord that he put Siam on his list of projects once when he created it all.

Thinks BuBi


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Gentlemen, this is now important.

Circumstances within my portfolio of romantic adventures in the kingdom now require alternative strategies. I am considering to move  from the Soi11/Soi8 greater area towards On Nut. ( BTS for that matter). Reasons are beyond human standards of morale and shall be published only after I have passed away if not later. I should feel ashamed but I am not, here is the question:

I do not settle anywhere in BKK if there is not a variety of open air restaurants where I could enjoy breakfast and dinner sitting in the open at the roadside. Like for example Viva Soi 8 and some even within Soi11. I researched the internet with dubious results and probably the esteemed gentlemen might come up with encouraging recommendations. I would consider anything between German Beerhouse and *** Michelin, unit should have a roof in case it rains and smoking cigar no pompremm.

Thank you for your assistance, over to you.





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I can't comment on recent years, but when I used to stay at the Stable Lodge in Soi 8 (favourite), there is an open air bar/restaurant available, for breakfast and meals until late-ish, some roofing, open air and also a pool to fall into.

One does not have to be a paying guest, to use bar/restaurant or presumably, to fall into the pool.

Another indoors restaurant (same cook, menu and service),  can be found inside the hotel.



and  DET 5 https://www.det-5.com

a newly found link - http://www.sukhumvitguide.com/blog/soi-8/

you may have already encountered these.

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although touching an entirely tecnical issue, I may take the liberty to post it here : sending an SMS from a German mobile to a Thai mobile in English , will it appear in finest English on the receiving display or somehow garbled and unreadable?

Thank you for your input

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