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Apple Tv (In Thailand)

Pom Michael

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Sorry if there was an earlier thread about this - I did search and could not find one.


Anyways, a while back I was out at Fortune Mall and bought an Apple TV. Got it home and realized I didn't have an HDMI port in my TV, so it just sat in the box.


Well, last night was in Big C and noticed a new Sony Bravia 32 inch LED tv on sale for 7,990 baht. So figured for the bedroom - it would be perfect.


First - the TV is light as a feather - could not believe how light it was. No more metal in the TV, it is all plastic. But works - except could not figure out how to get th new Thai digital channels, but since that was not a priority for me - went straight to the Apple TV set up.


A few required logins (wifi, apple id, turn on home sharing) and the TV is up and running.


Now I need to figure out what I can do with it.

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So many options


For a start there is now so much free content on youtube that could keep you going for a decade, not just music but documentaries, movies, historical sports events, TV series etc etc, if it has been on TV it is available on youtube.


Mirroring not sure what laptop you use but las I knew you had an iPad, you can link any Apple device to Apple TV via wireless network, so basically anything you have on your device can be replicated onto main TV wirelessly be it Torrented Movies, Live TV Content, Skype, games or even basic web pages etc. (Plus accessing content from my Time Capsule in Bangkok)


That may not sound thrilling but then again you are based in BKK, for me out here in rural Vietnam it is a godsend, most of Thai TV is available real time online, Mrs Kong logs onto Thai TV mirrors it through the main TV and Voila she is watching the same TV in the province as she would be watching if back home in Bangkok, it keeps her sane when I am at work, keep the wife happy and we get simple life.


Subscription services (if required) Netflix and HBO, personally I don't subscribe to content which is probably available elsewhere within 7 days of original broadcast for free, all I need live are sporting events and with 2-3 VPN's and a bookmark listing of many streaming sites I am able to view 90% of sporting events I wish to see real time, which are not available on local TV, via mirroring on the big screen.


IMHO Apple TV is not much of an addition to ones Media Centre if permanently "Home Based" but conversely, if like myself, one spends 85% of the year nomadic away from home then it comes into its own




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