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Renewing Ais Package

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Maybe should say "topping up." To start out when I bought smart phone I went to AIS counter and bought internet, 5gb. I assume this is like True and it expires in 30 days.


I will need to buy more data/time. However I am only here for about 2 1/2 months at a time. An automatic renewal plan would not work, or would it? Or does AIS have an app or website I can use to add what I need? Do they have an app or website that shows how many Gb I have used.


I use True for my internet SIM and it does not, at least not a website. They have a website but does not show data usage.


How do I go about buying what I need. W/ True I went to their tidy office once a month to renew package. AIS counter at Tuk Kom much less organized and chaotic.



Gaw Guy


BTW: I am slowly making progress with Android. I almost like it :cool:

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If you need to top up an AIS number take a look at https://aiseservice....rviceWeb/. You will need to be able to receive text messages on your phone with the AIS Sim.

Hi nkped.. It's a good website, but I think it only reports on phone voice and text usage. My real interest is finding out how much data usage I have remaining so that I don't run out. When I clicked on "usage details" I was asked for my National Identity Card number. I could have put in my Passport #, but I didn't because I wasn't going to get the info I want anyway.


You think internet plan and usage might be online somewhee?

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