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Expensive Lessons Learned


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Seems that there is a law on the books for this incident, but I would never have guessed do :dunno:


They should have consulted with a lawyer as to if this was a law and if it applied to them.


Should of, could of, would of...


Usually the Thai officials do not mess with the Japanese, so another sign of the times are a changin'

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Looking at http://www.lawreform.go.th/lawreform/images/th/content/en/484/c484_3.pdf - specifically at Section 30 (3) and Section 32 - it would appear that any bar featuring a "happy hour" discount, or displaying any signs with brewery/distillery logo, combined with image of a bottle - is liable to big penalties.


This provides an instant "shakedown" license to any cop shop in need of some quick cash.



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