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An Eulogy – An Extolment – To Nana Plaza


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Guys, read the post by Buffalo Bill.

That is typical German style.


This is a cunning, underhand, guileful criticism of my posts. We call this kind of criticism “hinterfotzigâ€.

Buffalo Bill dos not cut up – critizise - my facts presented, my developments outlined, and the consequences that result from this, no.

He does not attack the substance, the material content, and the truth content of my texts.

He criticizes the intellectuality of my texts and posts. He criticizes my occasional trips to the high culture. He carps about the intellectual side of my posts.


Buffalo, go home, go to deutsche Boards.


Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Duesseldorf Bangkok

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Herr Nasiadai ,


accuracy is everything to me , first I have therefore tried to find out what an eulogy and an extolment is . I was hoping for something close to anal sex or drinking beer Singh from high heels but it only seems to be in praise of Nanaplaza . Very well .


Please do not assume i would ever lover myself to joining a German board that covers Thailand or its nightlife , I do in fact even receive regular warnings from moderators on 2 German boards which deal with other areas of interest . The German individual has unfortunately limited possiblilities to recognize things like irony , to forget about sarcasm . Which is why I prefer English speaking boards . Which excludes Thai Visa .


Sukhumvit between Soi 3 and 33 Khun Nasiadai to me is nothing but an area of utmost bizarreness which is why I started to like it there recently . I have made a tactical mistake to get involved into long term relationships which have other advantages but a Karasin based mushroom farmer telling me the farm is infested by a secretive bug and she has to make money for the starving children makes me hide my face in the pillow to cover hysterical laughter because I know from the duty manager at checking in that madame has been freelancing on their terrace since Adam and Eve .


The Bangkok symphonic orchestra playing Mozart at Nana groundfloor for the ladyboys causes similar effects .


I hope you get my drift , no hab insult nowhere . This all funny too mut .

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Alholk, Radioman, yes, guys, Thailand is changing.


My short description of the sanuk-scene of lower Sukumvhit; Nana Plaza, Soi 4, Soi Cowboy:

The attitude of the girls gets more and more worse. Many of them – thank God, not all – are money oriented, more business woman, commercialized. They act aloof and cool.

But thank God: You can find a girl providing the good old girlfriend experience, the take-care-feeling, a lady with a good heart, but they get more and more rarer, less often.


Prices exploded, went through the roof; for beer, beverages, barfines, girls. In the last days I read on another board that barfine in all bars of Nana Plaza is 1000 Baht now. Not bad, isn't it?

Today Nana Plaza is not a cheap pleasure any more; it changes in a place for “2-weeks-millionairesâ€.


The many beer bars in soi 4 are the visual proof of the demise of the Sanuk scene of NEP and Soi Cowboy.

Hundreds of farlangs from all over the western world are hanging around together, drinking and chatting the night away.

NEP is too expensive for them. Those beer bars are much cheaper.


Sorry, I am so sorry, but I have no other, no better news. This is the bitter truth for us Sanukers.


Live from Hamburg

Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf

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I have no idea what people like about the Nanaplaza but up to them , I have further no idea if prices went up or down since I discovered the Kingdom in 1996 . People now usually charge about 130 Baht for a quality Gin and tonic which is about 3,50 € after the €-devaluation , in other words the next thing to free of charge . A BuBi afternoon would for example start deep in Soi 4 with a lunch at 280 Baht and a 2 hour so called aroma massage at 800 Baht i think at Naree massage in the next building and a possible surcharge of maybe 1000 Baht due to improved aroma massage circumstances . Grand total package price 2080 Thai baht . Where prompremm ?



PS : To avoid a potential heart-attack , this has been written simultaneously with Khun Nasiadai and is not an answer to anything .

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