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An Eulogy – An Extolment – To Nana Plaza


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When I came to Thailand in the 1970s, ST from a BG was unheard of. It was always "aw nigh" ... and sometimes you had a hard time getting rid of her the next morning. :(


I blame part of it on the 1997 crash, when the baht fell so low that punters didn't care how much money they threw at the BGs. The gals got used to charging a lot.

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A tad out of context but:


Viewed the Movie THE HANGOVER PART ii.

Just to view the scenes of Thailand.

And I did get a few laughs and a few things that I have forgotten about Thailand.


Long before the massive incursion of the 7-11 stores.

After an arduous night of entertainment.

Got up and sought out some ordinary soda to take back to hotel.

Wandered along Sukhumvit seeking a can or bottle of cold soda to take back to hotel.

Finally found a stand with one guy just selling soda. In bottles. Can't take bottles. No matter how many baht I offered - no take bottle.

So off I walked with two clear sandwich baggies each full of orange soda/grape soda. Fanta.

I thought that this was a tad odd. Walking along Sukhumvit with two baggies of soda pop.


And in the movie Hangover Part 2 - there is a brief scene of two of the actors walking along a street in Bangkok - each with a baggie of soda pop.

Some of the writers or the director of this movie must have been to Bangkok on holiday to truly grasp the life of a visiting/tourist 'farang'.

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