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The Prediction Thread


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Not very accurate Mekong, no mention of Fish and Chips, bundling it into hot food doesn't serve it justice


Our shopping bags made from hemp! String bags, now very "in"


Bottles we got money for returning - oddly Oz has just started that again


Even in the cities we all had rain water tanks in the backyards to minimize water use.


FARK - this is getting embarrassing,  I've turned green

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The Post states “In the 60’s and 70’s” and back then the o LT take away hot food was either Chippie Diner, a Chinese or a Curry, all served in newspaper. Wimpy was an eat in Burger Bar, McDonalds and Kebabs didn’t make it up north till late 70’s 

The money back on bottles, stupid shop near us used to keep empties outside, just walked up, grabbed a handful and walked in and got cash back in them, spent cash on a 1/4 of Midget Gems haha.

Water Butts in back garden., Check

Sawdust on butchers shop floor, Check

We didn’t do strips of plastic for fly screens, not many flies about and just smacked them with a newspaper, making sure it wasn’t the ones with hit Dads Fish Supper

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