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Mt Everest becomes taller with official new height

The new height of the world's highest peak is 8,848.86 metres, which is slightly more than Nepal's previous measurement and about four metres higher than China's.


Well obviously, if all this sea level rise stuff is true, then the land is gonna float higher, innit?

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As climate change threatens Pacific Islands, some atolls have been growing. Now scientists have figured out why...


Low-lying atolls in the Pacific Ocean have long been considered some of the most vulnerable areas to climate change, as rising sea levels threaten to submerge them.

But over the past decade, scientists have noted a puzzling phenomenon: some islands are getting bigger.

A new study released last week examined the evolution of Jeh Island, a sparsely populated atoll that's part of the Marshall Islands, a Pacific nation made up of a remote chain of coral atolls and volcanic islands between the Philippines and Hawaii.

Researchers found the island's land area has increased by 13% since 1943 due to a buildup of sediments from the existing coral reef. Healthy coral reefs naturally produce sediment -- in fact, that's what atolls are made of. 

"You can still see an island grow at a time when most people and most models would suggest they should be eroding," said the study's co-author Murray Ford, an expert in Pacific reef island systems from Auckland University. 

Ford and Paul Kench, from Simon Fraser University in Canada, compared the island's land mass in aerial photos from 1943 and 2015. They also radiocarbon-dated sediment deposited on the island to find out when the coral remnants were alive, and discovered that sediment on parts of the island had been deposited after 1950, suggesting the island's growth is relatively new.

At the same time, global sea levels have been rising. Satellite data shows waters around the Marshall Islands have risen about 7 millimeters (0.3 inches) each year since 1993, according to a Pacific Climate Change Science country report. That's more than the global average of 2.8 to 3.6 millimeters (0.11 to 0.14 inches) per year...


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A visit to Kiribati, and any populated low atoll is not that pleasant. No fresh water, soil contaminated with salt. All because as in Kiribati and most others, the weight of the land is compressing what is underneath.

I know the Marshal's also very well, was talking to people there this week.

You have to understand that coral always grows up. it's weight sinks it, it grows up. That's how coral grows. The "land" created is totally unusable at this stage, give it a thousand years maybe.

And as said, the water around the Marshall's is still rising.


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Well COP26 was an unmitigated fuck up I see, to be expected from the tree huggers.

Everyone complaining that it was a waste ot time because Xi and Putin did not attend, but believe it or not China are not the worlds largest producers of CO2. OK by actual tones they are but per capita they are Far behind countries such as Australia, United States, South Korea and even Singapore, China is about on par with New Zealand.

The UK are martyrs to the Greens, another reason I am glad I left, with moves such as banning Gas Boilers in 2025 in new builds and replacing them with Heat Pumps, and banning sale of Internal Combustion Engine Cars (i.e. all electric) by 2030.

I don’t know if you have noticed but the UK is located i a Temperate Climate Zone and Heat Pumps would not work to well in that climate, notwithstanding the fact that the 4.7 Million households which live in apartments cannot use ground sourced heat pumps.

UK has 15GW of Wind Power and expected to be 30GW by 2030, burr he windmills don’t keep turning 24/7 like the Nukes, PC or CCGT Power Plants. This interesting Dashboard shows how unreliable the windmills are operating at a Third of capacity during the summer months and just this week they were producing next to nothing for a couple of days. As for Solar Energy, it is only produced during the day where as most people would charge there EV at night. Don’t say battery storage the footprint of a 1.2GW/H battery storage facility world be larger than the equivalent Fossil Fuel Power Plant, not to mention the Environmental impact of Cobalt mining.

I the UK the average customer is paying £122 per annum green levy on Electric bills, if Fossil Fuel Power Plants were modified to have CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) it would cost £7 per MW or approx £21 per annum over 500% saving. CCS is over 90% efficient and the captured carbon dioxide can be sold to many customers including Beer brewers. The crazy thin is UK government is paying millions of pounds in subsides to Produce CO2 when they could subsidies CCS instead. But the rhetoric is that “Fossil Fuels destroy the planet” and most Politicians are not Engineers and jump on the Green Bandwagon to fuel their Gravy Train. CCS can also be retrofitted to ICE cars which would be cheaper than the EV subsidy.

Because of shortfall in Renewable energy EV’s will be charged by electricity generated by Fossil Fuel Power Plants or Home Diesel Generators. Yes there are some people stupid enough to drive an EV pretending to “Save the Planet” and charge from a Diesel Genny.

EV are 52% more expensive then ICE but cost £500 per year less to run but the batteries require replacement at 100,000 miles and costs £5,000 which negates the saving if you keep the Vehicle for 10 years whereas a well maintained ICE engine will last 250,000 miles or 25 years.

Charging times, most on street chargers are 7kW/h and average compact EV has a 70kW/h battery, so if out and about it will take 1 hour to charge for an additional 30 miles. Petrol pumps dispense at 4.5 Liters per Minute so approx 1 minute for the same 30 miles.

Charge at home they say, OK for home owners with off road parking, but what about those without off road parking. Will we see charging leads spread across footpaths or from a 12 story apartment down to the parking garage? 
The people with off road parking are the more affluent members of society, the ones more likely to be able to afford a 52% price increase for an EV whereas your average joe will be priced off the road.

Rant Over.




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Wot you said  👍

And an interesting thought you engendered with the 2nd paragraph.

"Everyone complaining that it was a waste ot time because Xi and Putin did not attend, but believe it or not China are not the worlds largest producers of CO2. OK by actual tones they are but per capita they are Far behind countries such as Australia, United States, South Korea and even Singapore, China is about on par with New Zealand."

Two blokes and their bar girls, each on an island, have per capita, differing carbon emissions. Bruce and Boom's island has 2n, Nigel and Nok's island has 1n.

Then Bruce and Boom have 2 nippers, giving their island a per capita of 0.5 n

I reckon emissions should be measured by gross pollutant value. 

i.e. if a man cuts down a tree for use as firewood and burns it over a year to cook food for his family, no harm no foul.

If a corporate giant digs up a city sized deposit of coal to make electricity to run factories to make consumer goods we don't actually need, like plastic shelving, then knock the top people, on the head and use 'em for fertiliser.


lastly, "off road parking, but what about those without off road parking."

We just had a situation here, which caused consternation, wherein the fashion is to provide apartment blocks with no on-site parking, prompted the City's transport authority, to propose removing street parking, everywhere.

Bicycling make sense, for the rabid enthusiast, not so for older and less waterproof and less lycra-clad people.


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But NSW Cold is a heatwave in say Manchester annual average Hi / Lo 14C / 6C is significantly colder than NSW average  of 22C / 16C. NSW annual average low is higher than Manchester annual average high. As such a heat pump would be a much more viable option in Sunny NSW then a grey wet Manchester 

Also GSHP and ASHP consume Electricity, where is this extra electricity to come from considering the additional load also from EV’s, will people have to face the choice “Charge the Car or Heat the Home”?

Windmills and Solar Panels can’t keep up, see dashboard link in previous post, so the alternative will be CCGT Combined Cycle Gas Turbines, which run on Gas. So, the Government scraps Gas Boilers, people are faced with a £15,000 bill to install a 15kW heat pump which will run on electricity produced by burning gas.

Where is the Logic in that, except that the Heat Pump installation Contractors are also party donors, just like the Land Owners who allow Windmills on their land for a substantial rent all paid for by the consumer as the “Green Tariff” 


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