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Difference Between Line And Skype

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One failure I find in Line is that it tries to assign your friends to your phone book based on phone number alone? So people I new several years ago with a Thai number and since left the country mysteriously reappear with a new photo of no one I recognize, presumably because they've adopted the old mobile number of years gone by a previous acquaintance whom I didn't know let their numbers expire? Unless I am mistaken, this seems like a really screwed up way to run Line?

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Old school -


Skype - started from the computer.


Line - started from the phone.


I use Skype 95% of the time, from desktop, tablet and iphone. 90% for chatting / 10% for voice/video calls.


Line is used more as an alternative to texting.

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Skype = Professional Line = Social


It is acceptable to have ones Skype ID on ones Resume whereas a Line ID is a Faux Pas. I didn't make the rules but I abide by them


Line is more Asia-Centric "She who must be obeyed" uses it all the time communicating with her family in Thailand from over here, good for me no phone bills to pay. Skype is on instant start up on my laptop probably 99% chatting and 1% voice calls, I don't bother with VDO no one wants to see my ugly face.

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