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My Summer Party In Sea - January 2016


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I am right now discussing with my Thai friends what we - what I - can do the first days, when I stay in Bangkok.


my plan is:

from Tuesday 5. January to Sunday 10. January to stay in Bangkok.

Some evenings I'll spend together with my friends and their families. We go out eating, for example.

It may be that I stay overnight in the house of my friends.

They live far outside: Don Muang or Lam Luk Ka or Soi Onnush / Sukumvhit 77.

pantaa rhei - alles fliesst - everything flows ....


I'll write a pm or I write it here when I know for sure!


On Monday 11. January I'll go to Pattaya. But for 3 or 4 days only.



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