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Fifa U20 World Cup


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Apparently this is being held in NZ, at least I am looking at NZ play Ukraine in front of 25,000 interested persons.


These young men must be extremely delicate, in the last ten minutes alone, I have seen six of them, apparently mortally injured.


Luckily, the attendant older men, come to see them and squirt some magic juice, from what looks like a water bottle, on them, which mends the broken bones and sprains and off they go again.


Remarkable! I must see if I can get some of that magic juice, it'd be just the thing for gout.


I did see one incident that mystifies me, two players contesting the ball, attempting to 'head' it to their respective advantages, not only miss the ball, but each other, their heads clearly passing some inches away from each other. Still, both collapse on the ground, writhing in pain and agony, halting the game. Fortunately the magic juice did its job and both recovered to play on. I can only think, that they both possess the soccer equivalent of Star War's force and managed to injure each other invisibly.


At the 85 minute mark now, 0-0 but enormous excitement and cheers, every time someone misses the goal.

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