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Changes Coming?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Drogon? Wow, long time, I miss the hamburgers

Drogon? Wow, long time, I miss the hamburgers

WOW....a blast from the past....I had forgotten about Drogon's Burgers


Great to see you back mate....no more horror stories to tell???


As an aside...another blast from the past a couple of weeks ago.....Miss P & a girlfriend called into town


She came up a year or so ago....and we catch up in Bkk now & again


Had a blast....walked down Drinking street with 1 Lady on each arn....eyes were on stalks....555


Past a popular bar & felt the "vibes'...LOL


Miss P's friend...unsolicited.....looked at the lookers....and loudly announced....Big Promotion...Buy 1 ...get 1 free...


Priceless....you had to be there.


Things were ...back to normal...had to buy and extra botten of Jack




All good....LOL

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Writes Stickman ...


"The gogo guru himself, Dave The Rave, can see the ship is sinking and has left Nana Plaza, his second home for the last 16+ years. Dave has enjoyed a glorious career as a bar manager that has seen him at the helm of some of the best bars in the plaza during their heyday including Pretty Lady in the late '90s, Hollywood from the turn of the century for before he later moved on to Angelwitch and Spellbound. Is Dave the latest guy with a web presence to have turned his back on Thailand? More about Bangkok's best known bar manager in the next week or two."


Dave himself writes that he is moving to Patpong. Maybe the old sois will be worth going to again? :hmmm:


i remember pretty lady, ground floor on the left as you walk in?

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