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What They Should Do...


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I am not a great soccer fan but I do watch games from time to time.


I would like to see the referee show the yellow or red card to all these players that fake getting hurt.


JC on a crutch, every time a player falls down, he rolls around looking to be in great pain, then 1 second later he is up and back running all over the field...WTF...what a bunch of crap!

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Now in American football...a player goes down, he's got broken bones and whatever. He doesn't jump and run all over the field for the next play!

A player goes down with an injury, he sets out at least for one play, maybe the rest of the game.


Do the same for soccer...a player goes down with an "injury" then he's on the sidelines! Easy fix!!

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Girls Cav, girls!


In Australia real men play league, greatest match is State of Origin, many times layers have broken shoulders etc, but just keep playing on.


I think the NSW captain last night played with a broken rib? Just took some painkillers and played on, in obvious great discomfort.


Throw in a few fights, dam good fun!




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