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Friday Eve Meetings?


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Do these still happen?




The last Friday meet that comes to mind must have been about 3 years ago now, around July / August 2012 at DET 5 on Sukhumvit Soi 8.


More recently (sic!) a few of us got together at Molley Mallones on Soi Convent and that was 14 months ago, I remember that one because I arranged it on a trip home from VN.


Since board membership has declined to a trickle there are not that many visitors in town anymore and the weekly meetings attendances dwindled to the same 4-5 faces week in / week out so it was decided to knock them on the head..


Modus Operundi now is if one has an idea for a meet just post time / date / location in this thread and a few people will probably get together if available which is what I did last time

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Yeah, there were about 8-10 of us at Molly Malone's if I remember correctly.



As Mekong mentioned already, best thing to do is just pick a date & location and post it on the board. Those able (willing? :) ) to attend will then reply.



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Had a successful board meeting of one in O'Learys Ha Noi this weekend, nobody was invited and nobody turned up.


Cent would like this bar, Pure Irish American Boston slap bang middle of Ha Noi with Zappa on continuous play. (OK I was the DJ haha)

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