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Ashes 2015


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After the humiliation of a 5-0 defeat down under last series for one day at leat us limey's have bragging rites


No doubt in true English style we will fuck up but I will enjoy it whilst it lasts


Even as a Lancastrian I doff my cap to Joe Root the Yorkshire man

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That is why I love the game, second ball he should have been caught but he wasn't


As an expat in Nakon Nowhere the Cricket keeps me sane, work, assholes, work assholes then Test Mach Special, Sad or sane? probably insane but I am happy in my insane world, Anderson will destroy you, He is a Lancastrian Boy, he eats chips and bowls a decent seamer good lad.


Jesting aside, Th'Ashes keep me sane to be honest, if I have lived to see another series then it is another 2 years earnings the wife spends , Hand Palm Face emoticon.



When you Aussies get one up us you brag, on the rare occasion we win I scream from the spires

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The Aussies are fucked. Haddin has slowed down and no longer has that spring which makes him catch the impossible, he also averages around 15 in his last 10 tests. Watson is like a carthorse that you just can't motivate to get a move on to the knackers yard. Johnson just can't work out how to bowl if he isn't on his favourite pitch. Then there's the rest of them. The only player I fear is Starc but he is fucked and with it so is the Aussies chances. They need to cast away their old boys and rebuild but they have left it far too late so will have to die a slow painful death with the likes of Siddle or Cummings coming in. Ha ha.

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4th Test. Trent Bridge. Day 1. England win the toss and elect to field.


4-1 (Rogers 0)

10-2 (Smith 4)

10-3 (Warner 0)

15-4 (Shaun Marsh 0)

21-5 (Voges 1)

29-6 (Clarke 10)

33-7 (Nevill 2)

46-8 (Starc 1)

47-9 (Johnson 13)

60-10 (Lyon 9)


Australia all out for 60!! in 18.3 overs.


Broad 8-15!!


At time of posting England were 61-2 in reply.


"18.3 overs is the quickest any team has ever been bowled out in the first innings of a Test match."

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And this is what I don't understand about cricket, if I am correct, it is entirely possible that the Poms will 'declare' at some point, allowing the Strynes to have another chance, wherein runs could be scored, then rain could stop the match before England get a second chance, allowing the Strynes to win.


Unlikely, but possible?

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Wrong....that would be a Draw.


I'm here doing every rain dance I can find on the net..


Umchucka wow wow....


and no...there will not be a video....LOL


Far can disgusting


Move over Clarkey....time to count your millions and enter the media



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