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Cloud Security Question


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Here's a question.


Which of the various Cloud services is the most secure in the opinions of you lot, the esteemed board members. i.e. Drop Box, iCloud, Google Drive, etc


I know they all have some level of security and that handing stuff off to the cloud has inherent security issues.


But in the same way as DuckDuckGo doesn't track your searches (as far as we know) which cloud service is least vulnerable ?


I ask this because the NZ Govt looks like it's gonna start demanding passwords to phones, tablets and laptops, soon.


Any and all discussion welcome.





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Wouldn't NZ also demand your password to the Cloud?


I would encrypt all files BEFORE uploading to the Cloud. Once you upload files, you lose control.


Quite, on more investigation, encrypting files first, then using any cloud service seems to be the way to go.


In order to beat the password to my cloud account out of me, they'd have to know about it, it'd be a faux one, not associated with my normal usage.


Ahhh, now I feel safe again.

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