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Us Additional Reporting Requirements For Foreign Accts


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I have accounts at SCB and Bangkok Bank. I recently rec'd email from SCB shown below. Failure to submit the requested documents which don't amount to much "will result in you being reported as recalitrant" to some agency of US government.


I'm in the US for several months and so I sent the documents by registered mail for $17USD. I have not had similar contact from Bangkok Bank. They may have tried to mail me in LOS but I use a rented room and mail isn't saved for me when I'm gone. I checked my online account with them and there is no message about it.


Does anyone know anything about this? Pls see copy of email from SCB below.






In accordance with recent enactment of U.S. legislation known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)1 , and based on our files, you are a U.S person and SCB Financial Group 2 are required to obtain additional documentation from you to update and complete your file recorded with us.

We have previously sent out a letter by post to you requesting documentation from you as a U.S. or Non U.S Person for the purpose of the compliance with the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), however, as of the date of this letter, we have not yet received any response and would like to once again request your kind cooperation.

Therefore, in order to ensure compliance with FATCA and to maintain a completion of our records, please fill out the following attached documentation as outlined below either by handing it in to the branch where you opened any account with SCB, or by post at the address outlined below immediately: 1. Declaration of Status as a U.S Person or Non U.S Person


2. IRS form W-9


3. Signed copy of your passport

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What the outcome is...when you have accounts in Thailand you need to provide your USA Social Security number. I have opened accounts the past few months and the form that BKK Bank on their computer screen is to enter one's SS number. They had some other for to sign, the W-9 or whatever.


Basically, just another form and your SS number. They always asked for a copy of your passport and then to sign it.

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